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The Mathison Trainee Organisation – MTO

The Trainee Organization is comprised of students (undergrad, grad students) and postdoctoral fellows working under full Mathison faculty members’ supervision.

The purpose of this organization is to bring together trainees willing to make the most of their experience at the Mathison Centre. It goes from organizing social events such as breakfast socials, summer BBQs, a Christmas party to creating opportunities to teach (see Mini-Courses), discuss how to get funding for an event (see or to organize professional development programs. It is also a place where all the trainees can talk about issues or concerns they have, to get support and advice from more senior trainees, or for the trainee rep to bring them to the Director’s attention.

The MTO is a collegial entity. There is no hierarchy and decisions have to be approved by the members.

To learn more about the MTO's membership and the activities scheduled by them, please click here.

Trainees Resources

The MTO worked on several initiatives such as the creation of a Welcome package, Mathison logosmaternity leave guidelines for postdoctoral fellows and an Exchange Program for Postdocs.

Click here for Post-Doc Opportunities in Mental Health

Mathison Trainee Activities





  Educational Activities

Department of Psychiatry/Mathison Rounds

Every Tuesday, 12:00-1:00 pm weekly


Contact:  Emilie Magaud

Journal Club

3rd Wednesday, 12:00-1:00 pm monthly

summer break

Contact:  Emilie Magaud

Academic Investigator Mentorship Series (AIMS)

2nd Wednesday, 12:00-1:00 pm monthly


Contact:  Emilie Magaud


Photo Gallery of Previous Sessions

Doodle poll monthly


Contacts: Manu Schuetze

Isabelle Vallerand

Agraphia Club

TBD 1 h every 2 weeks


Contact: Elliot Brown

  Social Events

Breakfast Social

Photo Gallery of Previous Social

3rd  Wednesday monthly

Next Date:
September 16, 2015
10-11 am

Contact: Lauren Hirsch or
Kathryn Wiens

Seasonal Events

Photo Gallery of Previous Hike

Photo Gallery of Snowshoeing Trip

adhoc Contact: Lauren Hirsch or 
Kathryn Wiens

Community Events

Photo Gallery of Open Minds Run 2015

  yearly ongoing

Photo Gallery of 2nd Annual Mathison Centre Family BBQ

yearly ongoing

 Mathison Trainee Organization Committee  (MTO)


TBD monthly


Contact:  Emilie Magaud

Mathison Trainees in the Community

(Depression workshops)

Starting in 2016 Ad Hoc


Contact: Manu Schuetze