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Dr. Glenda MacQueen

Address: gmacqueenprofile
Office Location:
TRW Building 7th Floor Rm
3280 Hospital Dr. NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4N1

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Phone number(s): 
Office: (403) 220-2587
Membership Type: 
Full Membership
Academic Rank: 
Professor, University of Calgary; Adjunct Clinical Professor, University of Toronto
Degrees (institutions): 
MD, PhD (McMaster), FRCPC
Research Interests: 
I study factors that are associated with outcome in mood disorders, particularly following a first onset of illness. In addition to clinical dimensions of outcome, I examine cognitive function, structural and functional brain changes and physical health in patients with unipolar or bipolar disorder. I am also interested in understanding whether the cognitive and brain changes that occur in major depression and bipolar disorder can be prevented or reversed with various treatment approaches.

Staff and Students:
Jacqueline Harris ( - Research Assistant